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“Dr. Morgan was a phenomenal help throughout my college admissions process. With her guidance, I was able to significantly improve my score on the SAT English Subject Test. She was enormously helpful when it came to helping me find my voice in the admission essays, too. I highly recommend Dr. Morgan to anyone if they would like to get into their dream college. Her background as an English teacher together with her extensive knowledge about the college admissions process makes her the best of the best!”

Jasmine C., Barnard graduate

“When I came to Dr. Morgan, my  writing was full of mistakes and missing key elements. After working with her, I was able to make my subpar essays more dynamic. She also helped the essays capture my voice and message. Ultimately, it helped me get into my top choice school.” 

Lily F., University of Oregon 

Without Genevieve, I would have stumbled blindly. She helped me find schools that were the right fit for me. She also edited all of my supplements and applications and left comments that were insightful. Even though I had written another essay at school, I didn’t like it and it felt impersonal to me. Genevieve helped me come with a brand new, better idea, one that was original and thought provoking. I was SO ecstatic when one of my top schools sent me a letter saying that they absolutely LOVED my essay. They even quoted it saying that “your application was particularly impressive. I enjoyed reading about your camping adventure and your desire to ‘transform knowledge into action.’” SO THANK YOU GENEVIEVE! YOU ARE THE BEST COLLEGE COUNSELOR ANYONE COULD HAVE ASKED FOR!

Francesca P., University of Portland

“We used Genevieve to assist our daughter with identifying and applying to colleges for the fall of 2020.  Genevieve was an outstanding college advisor. She helped us identify schools that would be a good fit for our daughter, gave clear and accurate advice about the timing for making the applications, and assisted our daughter by reviewing and helping her to edit the applications and essays.  She did all this in a calm, insightful and supportive way. The college application process can be daunting, but Genevieve’s knowledge and support gave our family the confidence we needed to complete the application process efficiently and with a minimum of stress. Genevieve is a great listener and really takes the time to tailor her advice to the individual student.  She is not a “one size fits all” counselor but works very hard to understand the individual student and his or her needs and desires. She is very easy to communicate with and has excellent insight on every aspect of the application process. Moreover, her advice and support was highly effective. So far our daughter has been accepted to every school that she applied to.  We are delighted to recommend Genevieve Morgan to any family embarking on the college application process. We can’t imagine a better, more thoughtful and supportive college advisor. Genevieve rocks!!!”

Shannon Presby,  parent

“Genevieve is one of the most knowledgeable college counselors. She clicked with my daughter and was particularly adept at helping her with with the written parts of the application: she helped my daughter figure out how to tell the story of who she is with confidence. She also helped me stay calm throughout the process and she worked with us to leverage financial aid. She is the real deal!”

Lesley Yalowitz, mother

“We met Genevieve through a family friend and immediately connected. She is  knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Initially she reviewed deadlines and gave us an overall timeline of the process, specifically considering my son’s interests (engineering) and grades and test scores.  Afterwards, she prepared a recommended list of colleges and universities that suited my son. Then, they refined the list together. He ultimately got into his dream school–UCLA!

She is very up-to-date on the entrance exams and what is expected by many schools and is quick to find answers if she needs to. Several times he had critical, time-sensitive questions and she was always quick to reply. In fact, my son was texting her back and forth at the bitter end.

I was relieved that she could help him because I was not able to give him the answers he needed.  She also reminded him of deadlines along the way. He’s a procrastinator, so I was happy that she did the nudging instead of me!  There was a bit of strategy involved when choosing majors at the UCs and together they navigated it really well. Our experience was great and I am so happy that we were able to work with her!”

Lesley Evers, parent

“Insightful… knowledgeable… a true gift to our college search process. Genevieve was unlike the other counselors we engaged with because she actually took into account our son’s interests [computer science] and our financial limitations while trying to find the school of our child’s dreams.

The college process is more than setting your sights on a place that has a high-profile name with the right degree and a scintillating campus environment. The true reality is as complex and unique as each individual child and the hundreds of colleges and university options out there. With a tremendous sense of calm, Genevieve guided us through finding places that were the perfect school fit that we could afford. She also helped our son with myriad scholarship applications.”

Jeremy Alcock, parent

“I honestly could not ask for a better college counselor, and I wish I could have gone back and used her months and months before I did! She is a fantastic writer, editor, communicator, and much much more. I can’t thank her enough for the help she has given me: she took so much of the pressure off of my application process, pushing back the pervasive stress and taking everything I needed to get done one step at a time. Her aid and guidance, her ability to answer almost any question I asked, her literary skills, her connections, and communication are absolutely invaluable, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for future help in their college application process experience. She is truly a lifesaver!

I ended up getting in pretty much every place I applied and Genevieve helped me apply for merit aid. I ended up getting substantial offers.”

Sebastian A., New Jersey Institute of Technology

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