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Dr. Morgan Educational Consulting: Your dreams, my mission.
Navigating the admissions process with comprehensive and personal advising

I offer a boutique experience tailored to each individual student. Every student has a story to tell—and I enable them to tell it in the most compelling way. They also deserve a school that matches their dreams and personality. As such, I help students identify their best fit schools and develop a specialized plan to get them where they will flourish academically and socially. Colleges are looking for authenticity, and I help students stand out by focusing on their skills, passions, and goals.


By getting to know your student and family, I will identify schools where your child will be happy and challenged, and I will walk you through every step of the application process. Having me help navigate this often stressful time ensures your child will stay on track and meet all the necessary milestones. 

Offering a full-service, individualized experience, I only take on a limited number of students. Strategically planning course work, assessing each student’s skills, advising on test preparation, helping with applications and essays, navigating financial aid, and practicing interviews—I am  with you every step of the way. 

Please see my testimonials: hallmarks of my practice are high levels of service and attention.


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